Today I was visiting some of the first websites and blogs that I had bookmarked.  These sites were either covering interior design topics, blogging tutorials, or all things in and around babies that I happened upon.

When Hijiri and I were discussing the basic items I wanted included in the blog, I knew for certain I wanted a section to feature visuals that were, well, rooted in style.  I will be continuing, through trial and error, to refine what is reflected under that category. I’d love to hear your comments, suggestions and feedback on each idea I try on and share.

 VT Wonen covers a variety of products, artists and design elements. I had hoped to give you a detailed description of what VT Wonen represents.  Their site is written in dutch, so I’m slightly stumped on the written.  What I do know is that Wonen means live and their site is living inspiration for me. VT Wonen ran a photo feature throughout 2007 and 2008.  In essence, this feature posted a photo for each week, based on a color selected for that week.  Colors coincided with seasons or other aspects of the year that drive our color desires.  To see the specifics (in dutch) and more information, click here

I selected just a few from the 2008 weekly photos to share with you.  I added a few words on what contributed to my love for each photo.

I want to ensure credit is properly given for all pictures included, and since I cannot make out the text, I will list the week from which each photo was selected.  This is the 2008 series. I tried to link directly to the photo itself, but that did not work through their site.  Click here to view the entire year’s thumbnails. 

Upper left photo, Week 22;  Upper right photo, Week 28, Lower left photo, Week 49, and Lower right photo, Week 31.

I look forward to posting some of my own photos for these in style posts and my hope is that you will join me in sharing visuals around those topics.  We have done a significant amount of work remodeling the design studio (which was previously a gun shop—a dirty, boy, gun shop).  I will post a few before photos to give you an idea of where we started.

I need to invest in a new digital camera to share with you the fruits of our labor. I had a ton of support on a variety of fronts in getting the project to where it is today.  I do need some signage in the front, and we should be pretty much ready to officially open the doors (the product side of the studio that is—I have been doing interior design work in the studio throughout the remodel.)  

Thank you for stopping by.  Your comments, emails and feedback are appreciated.

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