unravelling.  i am. it’s not the first time.  it’s certainly far from the last time. literal and figurative. now, i’ll have company.  i’m imagining good, clean, heartstrings type company.  i will share some of it there.  it started before this started; it started before I was paying attention to the fact that it existed at all this time around.  life has so many elements, so many, too many. these elements require attention, take energy. expending the energy is all I have. all I have.  no time to reflect, assess, feel the weight of the undercurrent. swept in. then under…….now. i’m imagining how I’ll fold, tear, sculpt, buff and display the unravellings. it might be my best work yet.  yep, i’m going with that.  i feel blessed to be alive and open to this experience; the online course, and my course in this life.  


image by:  jana

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