Having a ton of fun with my new camera….I love it!!  Enjoying some groups on flickr for kicks and giggles…have met some really lovely people recently, along with my precious unravelling friends.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend and take time to smile :)

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Fun flickr thursday group; things I love thursdays.  this is a collage of images from my flickr favorites…other peoples shots; click on image for more information and all the photo credit…these photographers inspire me daily.

miss you.

busy life.

wish I had more balance.

want to share here more.

working on it.


peace and sunshine.

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117It has been too long since I posted here.  Somehow in the pace that is my life, I ran out of blogging steam. This image, which I took with my new camera (over the moon excited about her), is a reminder of the power of play in my life; I watch my children lace play into every single thing that they do—it is as natural for them as breathing.  It bums me out that I forget to carve out time to play…with friends, with my children, with my husband, my family, and now, with my new camera.

I love being a mother, and I love creating spaces that people can enjoy….in order to have something to give back, I have to continue to replenish my soul…play is one way for me to do that.

Happy New Year (belated, I realize).  I’d love to hear what helps you keep up with all of the demands and the pace of your life?


image by:  jana

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AJ is doing well.  She has an ear infection.  G thought we were going to see Dr. Seuss; he was very excited and I played along, until his sister told him Dr Seuss was a cat.  They love the fish tank in the waiting room…AJ told G that Nemo and his dad were there.  

When I stop and take in their preciousness, I am amazed at the blessings I have been given.  The daily grind of ‘doing’ sometimes blocks my view of the gifts that each day holds for me.  If I remember to take in each moment, each baby phrase, with an quiet, open heart, I am aware of God’s grace.

‘We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are.’  The Talmud

photo by:  jana

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Just popping in briefly to share a thought for the day.  I hope to feature some new work this week.  My design business has me running around a bit, so here’s to finding some quiet time to devote to you.  

image by:  jana

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This week, I’ll be featuring a few artists whose work is so breathtaking, really.  I find myself gasping with joy each time I review the visuals.  I hit the ground running this morning with client work and didn’t get a chance to draft any posts. Please come back for a visit in the next couple of days, will you?  There will be exquisite, unique, bar raising pretties.

Here’s a couple of pictures I snapped today in San Rafael, after a client meeting. The air has been so crisp and clear with brisk, sunny skies.  My eyes are drawn to the balance between color and neutral, the sleek and textural, in life and in nature.  I’d love to hear what your eye is drawn to, what you enjoy gazing at or photographing.

images by:  jana

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I didn’t realize how much ducks were upon us this week, but I am a believer in going with it, come as it may. This blog is very new, and I decided to just learn as I go, letting my newness be visible.  I have wanted to blog for 2 years now, hesitating for many reasons, don’t know PS, don’t know WP, digi camera challenged, am not a writer.   In the end, this IS the journey, and I am enjoying it.

Oh, yes, back to the topic, I hope you’re cool with bits if unrelated jabber in your reading cuz it’s my nature but I’ll do my best to stay focused.  Recently, a reader was kind enough to send over an inspirational color palette following one of my earlier posts on the subject.  He’s retired, and from the look of things, has a few spare minutes in his days.   He snapped the lil birds from the back deck of the Tahoe house that we all love(d) and miss.  I don’t know if he’s taking new client’s but if you’re interested, send me an email or comment here and I’ll pass the information along to him. From what I gather, he leans toward the deconstructed fowl look.

It’s uncanny how much my duck resembles the female (top duck) in this color palette.  I’m beginning to wonder where these visitors came from… (does Uncle Steve need a little blog love?).

In case you were wondering, I did find the family of my lone subject from Friday’s visitor.  I was relieved to know she wasn’t traveling solo, and I’m noticing her penchant for being photographed, I like that in a girl.

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This week has been particularly beautiful following our recent bout the rain.  I’ve been taking a few pictures each morning with our lil point and shoot which has been really fun.  Today has been busier than I had expected with client calls, emails, and general admin stuff. I had hoped to feature two artists today but unfortunately I didn’t allocate enough time for that.  I hope to be more on task with the blog but I won’t promise—I hope you know how it is being self employed or the jack of all jills or however the saying goes.  I feel very blessed having connected with so many warm people since I started writing here.  Thank you for making this so fun for me.

This lil friend was kickin it in our driveway when I returned from taking AJ & G to daycare (they would have been so happy to greet her).  She hung out for a while, and I consider myself lucky for it.

Wishing each of you a wondrous weekend filled with all that you wish for and all that you need.

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Photos clockwise as follows:  original type light found here from d*s (slightly altered for this post).  Floral by: jana, lotus illustration by: jana, girls art museum via flickr photo sharing here.

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The moon. last nite. breathtaking.  Looked at it at least 15 times.  Showed AJ.  God was there. I told her he made it.  We thanked him.  She wondered why he wasn’t saying you’re welcome.  He was, but she couldn’t hear him… yet.

photo by:  jana

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