texture, blended color and the beauty of materials shapely in form, finish and use.


Dirty roots and hues made amazing.


Nature in a hand stitched appearance with a custom selected subtle sea glass blue, Oh, thank you God.


The velvety goodness of petals in their graceful natural state.


A sprinkle of the likeness of spring…(it will come back around just after the sneeze).


Sensual rich color and sheen; a pouring of graceful goodness.


Of rugs, wool and silk…of woods, raw and finished….let’s leave the door open for creative energy to flow freely.

Lisa Cohen’s photography shows a seasoned take on all things visual, a passion, a maturity.  Her background as a stylist is reflected in her portfolio.  Please see more of Lisa’s talent here.  I am honored to reflect her eye, her take on the simple beauty of color, texture and light.


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sundrenched, warm and reflective

wispy, tickles and giggles

textured smoothness underfoot, comfort, open space, light filled folds

a quiet stretch, reminders of what matters most, young arms, the smell of summer, late nite walks

spacial awareness, visual cues, the ting tings, balanced priorities, utter freedom

how quiet reads of richness, taste with subtle smacks of creative knowing

jackie o’ so sexy o’ yes yes yes

a minimalistic take on the pretty… still very pretty

of secrets and sweet memories

a gentle reminder to play, play well and play often…for…ever and ever….amen

memories of aunt kris, amusement parks, a lot happened then…a lot that shaped me…..

of sunset, of then and now….of what’s yet to come….soaked in it, soaked in gratitude

photography via jason ierace found via desire to inspire.

I’m feeling particularly grateful this week.  We spent a long weekend with boyfriend’s extended family here from WA state…we had a so much fun celebrating 3 decade birthdays, (Megan is 30, Fran is 40 and Pop is 70).  We had an incredible time in Santa Cruz and it was AJ and G’s first experience on amusement rides—they loved it…AJ even did the haunted house :)  Life is rich and we are blessed…I am in the knowing of that this week…thanks for blessing me with being here, it really does mean a lot to me.  I’m rich in blessings and love beyond my wildest of wild dreams…God is gracious.

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I started collecting vintage ice buckets a couple of years ago.  I thought it might be fun to repurpose them, as vases.  They are ideal in size for a floral vignette, perfectly insulated.  I’ve dreamed of opening a lil vintage shop on Etsy , to sell my small vintage wares.  I’m hoping it will soon be coming to life.  Yippee !!

These are but a few of the items I’m planning to offer.  In that vein, I scooped up some flowers (using a bit of the faux floral goodness I sourced for the studio), some coffee and morning crumbly goodies.  Shannon and I played in the studio.  We had a lovely time.  Playing with the flowers, the display. I hear the rhythm of her shutter clicking, it’s sweet background noise.  You know the sound of joy, of anticipation (like the familiar shrill of kids playing in the pool). I have fun simply watching her work. She exudes creativity from the moment you set eyes on her.  The visuals that result from our time together, her eye, her ability to capture style, is nothing short of amazing.  To see more of her work, please visit her flickr stream.

We talked about doing more playful, stylizing shoots.  It’s hard to find time in our schedules, but this is so refreshing for me.  I am a huge fan of photostyling, as is witnessed through the content I’m prone to feature here.  

I’m hoping to have some initial goodies available in my lil etsy shop within the next few weeks.  If you have any wisdom or suggestions to share on selling wares on etsy, please comment or email me.  

Thank you for being here.

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pure b & w beach sexy

grounded, minimal, masculine and smart

melancholy, feminine, a thinking evening, release

close, a whisper, shiny allure

james dean clean, (reminds me of my dad…we were looking at images last weekend from when he was 21, lean and oh so handsome

sun-drenched, dusk, crisp, fresh….thoughtfully constructed


images via McDermott Management.  they represent some very talented photographers, graphic designers and illustrators in Los Angeles, New York, and London.  happened upon this pool of talent while reading one of my favorite blogs, Daydream Lily—found her via another wonderful blog, That Unreliable Girl. both blogs and their writers are a wonderful blend of beauty, style, creativity and wit. i’m grateful for the connections i’ve made on this blog journey.  i’ve met some incredible people and am learning a lot about myself in the process.  it’s fun to continue to uncover and discover what moves you.  

thank you for being here.

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image via flickr photostream multicoloured arc

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Today’s photography is care of Robbie Powell.  His photography is not as stylized as some of the work I have recently featured.

I appreciate the simplicity, the negative space, the absence of color…it’s a nice departure from previous posts.

 I originally found his work via Form Fifty Five.  In reviewing Robbie’s website, I learned that he was recently interviewed by It’s Nice That; a nice read, check it out here.  

Robbie is Australian, a recent graduate of Billy Blue College, a working Graphic Designer, with an impressive portfolio and respect in his field.  

I just thoroughly enjoyed soaking in each and every visual, the quiet, the sexy, the angles, the texture, the materials, the beauty of space filled and space negative.

This has been a week of photography features. There are so many topics and ideas that I want to share with you about what I do and how I work, and the field of interior design.

I’d like to learn how to illustrate my design process paint color, material blending, space planning, structural concepts..I think it would be fun to share more about that here.  The process of creating interiors is very rewarding for me.  I take each and every element, aspect and decision on a project seriously and to heart.  I treat each space as if it was my own.  

I thought about this weeks posts and the meaning behind what I am choosing to share.  I guess what I am doing is sharing what my eye appreciates, what feeds me, what launches my creativity.  It all does relate to ‘my day job’ in one way or another.

I also sprinkle in a few bits and pieces from my family life, something I enjoy sharing and appreciate documenting for memories sake.  

As I often say..having you here, means everything to me…learning about what you’re drawn to, love that. Hearing suggestions on content for future posts, I’d thoroughly appreciate that.

I am open to learn and to grow and to improve each and every day. This blog is one layer of my life that I appreciate. Your presence makes it richer and more rewarding.

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Today I’m featuring the work of Italian photographer and photo stylist Vanessa Levis.  The composition. the lighting. Inspiring, yes.  I combined images that seem to pair well, that had a commonality somehow.

comfortable. calm. sunlit.

longevity. balance. unexpected goodness. 

crisp. weathered. snap fresh.

vintage. reminiscent. memory ridden.

retro. stylish. well composed.

Please share any thoughts.  Thank you for being here.

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sexy lines. perfect movement. quiet, balanced color palette.

vintage. cozy. worn in. lovey.

rustic. handmade. warm. textural.

cool. crisp. delicate. paired. whistle thin.

quiet. thinking. tone on tone. raw. rural.

wise. vivid. childlike. proven. safe

classic. sign of spring. sun drenched richness.


Bea’s work, everything about it. amazing. soft. feminine. expressive. evocative. Where do you go for visual poetry?  I’d love to know.

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On the heels of hearing that some reader’s prefer simple, subtle black and white images and tone on tone colors, I thought I’d share the work of photographer  Adrian Briscoe, care of Sarah Kaye Representation. This selection is a small representation of his work, focused primarily on simple, yet stunningly rich images.

So quiet, sexy and delicate

Linear, still rich, but with a bit of masculinity

Stylish, organic, with rumpled goodness (cords exposed).  I LOVE the weathered concrete and painted pipes.

Texture, metallic materials and hues, smoking pretty

Vertical orientation, quiet color palette, perfect balance of light, touch of feathery texture

Materials juxtaposed, worn wood, porcelain, mossy branches…a magical use of shadows

So drawn to the minimal, the mastery of texture, muddy hues, sexy lines, the back wall on top photo is nothing short of spectacular for the vignette

Simple goodness, texture, symmetry, tone on tone, all against a quiet backdrop

This space calms my soul, don’t mind if I do have a seat, and stay for awhile.  I promise to be quiet.

This site was found via a yellow house by the sea

Happy Weekend to all of you.  Sending smiles, warmth and self acceptance (I need the last one at this very moment).

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She came to my studio yesteray. early.  She brought her camera, to shoot photos of the studio.  She offered to do this for me, as a gift…a very special gift.  Her photography, it will be lovely.  Her company, in the studio, was familiar and refreshing.  It has been a while since we connected.  The connection returned with such grace.  Spending time with people I love is important. Finding time or making time is not easy for me.  The best things don’t always come easy, so remind me, will you?  Remind me to make time for you.

Her photos, pretty, thoughtful, a delicate balance vivid color with unexpected hits of rich, deep neutrals. Feeling blessed?  I am clearly blessed.

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