A previous post featured tables from Phillips Collection that are both organic and free form.  In keeping with this idea, let’s look at the works of the incredibly gifted artist, Linda Plaisted.  I have been admiring her photo stream for over a year—I can’t pinpoint exactly where I found her; I am quite confident it was from one the women that have fed my passion for design, and continue to introduce me to cool decor, fresh talent, design deals fab furniture and phenom portfolios …. their inspiration is contagious.

One of my daily reads featured Linda’s work in early late 2007. I remember finding her personal blog, and crying well into the night after reading a her personal struggle of joy and grief; the truth, beauty and wisdom of surviving life’s trials is evident in her work. Linda’s work routinely makes me smile; her pieces have textural layers; they elicit feelings—they tell stories. A selection of her works are being featured on Viewville.com. Per ViewvilIe’s well written artist description:  

“Linda Plaisted is an artist who demonstrates in striking fashion how photography can be used as a basis for artistic expression rather than just as an end in itself. She layers photographs with textures from her paintings, drawings and collected ephemera to create painterly works with a lucid narrative quality.”

As a classically trained artist, she springboards that experience with her unique photography talent and background as a mixed media artist.  Here are a few of her works from the series:  Lay of the Land, among others.

Seed    Photographer’s Notes:

An elegant branch, in haiku form. From my “Lay of the Land” series that combines my original photography with textures from my paintings for a sense of depth not unlike paint applied to canvas.

Homeward  Photographer’s Notes:

Evening at the beach. After a fine seafood dinner, M and I walked down to the little private dock to go fishing on the Albermarle Sound. Didn’t catch anything except a bunch of picture postcard images like this one.

October  Photographer’s Notes:

The life of a tree is a hundred and a thousand years ; its decays ornamental ; its repairs self-made : they grow when we sleep, they grew when we were unborn. But we must look forward also, and make our-selves a thousand years old ; and when these acorns, that are falling at our feet, are oaks over-shadowing our children in a remote century, this mute green bank will be full of history: the good, the wise and great will have left their names and virtues on the trees ; heroes, poets, beauties, sanctities, benefactors, will have made the air timeable and articulate.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Threshold  Photographer’s Notes:

The images are composed of many layers, both literal and figurative, not unlike the contrasting layers of emotion I have experienced upon my arrival at this place, this threshold. This images tells how I arrived here with a new identity, shaped by joy at the birth of my daughter and grief at the death of my other child.

I have used my original photography, vintage photographs of my ancestors and past family documents, as well as textures and ephemera from my past and present lives, layered with photographs meant to conjure internal and external landscapes and, ultimately a sense of hope and new beginnings.

Her work normally ranges in price from $65-150, depending on size.  See more information by visiting Viewville’s website here or Linda’s website, Many Musings.  I was drawn to her originally from seeing this, and this, I know, she’s phenomenal, right? Oh and I also loved The Women series.  A newer series, titled the Language of Flowers, features Patience.

On a lighter note, when I was preparing this post, I wanted to use a photo of Linda to put a face with her name.  I guess I had her website/flickr name in my head (many musings) when I was sending her an email and I opened it with “Hi Mary.”  She kindly correctly me and we shared a laugh.  Sometimes foibles create a space for connection. Linda mentioned the something about the passion she feels for the art that she makes and with her permission, I’d like to pass it along to you.  “I love my life. Art is truly a “calling” for me, corny as that may sound. I live and breath to create things that really speak to people in whatever language they know best.”  

In other news, Linda was recently awarded Daily Candy’s DC, Best of 2008 award—COGRATS Linda.  To celebrate her DAILYCANDY win and her recent birthday, she’s giving 20% OFF ALL ORDERS from her website of $50 or more through March 2.  Click here for more information.  I am honored to feature the talent of Linda Plaisted.

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