P1the walls, that is; amazing.  been working on a masculine palette; thoughts of texture, rich, deep colors, contrast and material mixes—the smooth and the rugged.

pwalls2fresh take on a classic color and material combination—new scale, smooth texture, raised relief;

p2a departure from depth with a feathery white flavor…who knew tires would compose so lovely herein?

pwalls3optimal balance….enough said;

pwalls4sometimes continual material is a brilliant answer to an age old question;

pwalls5perfection—narrowness and length topped with a solid of equal grace and depth; richness personafied;


all images via Mutina

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i’m not drawn to cutesy, by nature, but this is so smartly done with balance and rhythym and the right amount of quiet space. via Canadian H & H. I subscribe to this publication and it is chock full of ideas and inspiration for residential interiors.

isn’t this the coolest compromise for a campy, cozy space when ‘camping’ isn’t practical? also via Canadian H & H.  

a peek in the studio, a bit of a wool pouf, a vintage recliner and vintage suitcase.  

image by:  moi

a closer version of the pouf, it’s for sale, so if you are so inclined, email me for the details :)

image by:  moi

another lil shot in the studio, viewed through the brass, a sweet lil accessory.

image by:  moi

a peek at a few more vintage items I’ve gathered in my travels…these will make their way into the etsy vintage shop quite soon, I am hoping.

image by:  moi

last, but not least, our sweet new friend, she lives in one of our (bare for now) hanging planters on the porch.  it hangs just off the kitchen and in front of AJ’s bedroom window.  she’s nesting, and it is a source of joy, gratitude and a daily reminder of God’s incredible grace.

image by:  moi

I hope your week is laced in moments and images and memories that make you smile–smile from the inside out.  thank you for being here.  it is another source of joy for lil ol me :)

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I thought it would be fun to suggest some lovely blog frolicking for a friday.  There are so many lovely blogs out there….I could spend all the hours of my days just playing and reading and finding new inspiration. Darlene, of the lovely flax and spindle shop, a mommy, a maker of lovely grain sack and french linen pillows and such, author’s a blog and is having a wonderful june giveaway…..please visit.

Oh my linen goodness.  This came in the mail last week.  It was a raffle prize during an online pajama party sponsored by a few lovely ladies, one of which authors my mommy manuel.  This dress, designed and made by Tyler of Periwinklebloom is sweeter than ever in person, and I cannot wait for AJ to wear it.  It can so nicely packaged with a lovely note.

Cuter than toast image found via Nina’s lovely blog.  

This lil jewel of wisdom is brought to you by the lovely Laurel…I encourage you to visit her blog…she sprinkles sunshine, laughter and a bit of childlike wonder on a daily basis.  

I might do one more post before the weekend is out as I didn’t get to be here as much as I would have liked this week…where does the time go.  Have a lovely day, spread smiles, it really is contagious.

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 a sexy peep toe metallic pump bodes well with a crystal light fixture—fall into friday :)  image via photographer stefania paparelli

comfy cozy style filled entry featuring a to die for painted railing—serious swoon on all levels (found via set design thinking).

audible gasp at the sense of calm this image evoked.

a morning stream illuminates a subtle ceiling style, playful lighting, texture, a spot of red with vivid orchid hued bedcovering.

my idea of camping—cool cot a go go

fresh brewed iced tea, a must read, can’t put down, bust out crying and laughing novel, and hours to burn

i’m in the mood for a get away, in the biggest way….THE biggest way.  any of the last four images would be received in gratitude, sheer gratitude. boyfriend and i would gladly tidy up, leaving fresh flowers, thank you notes on the chalk board, fresh coffee and scones for the next lucky guests. (via marie claire maison).

smart, rich, quiet with immense taste, thoughtful execution (image originally via inspirationbubble).

it’s been fun sharing a bit of this and a hint of that with you today—a calgon, take me away of sorts in visual. here’s to hoping you took a mental jaunt to lands that move, soothe and refresh you.

thank you for taking a moment to be here—what evokes warm fuzzy calmness in you?…do tell.

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